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Like the plot of the classic film "Brief Encounter"set in a railway terminal, our meeting was impossibly romantic.

"We'd noticed each other at the PATH station at Liberty View for months,"recalls Anna, who commutes to Jersey City every day from her home in Brooklyn. "I'm 5-foot-10-inches tall so it cuts down the number of eligible guys because I don't like to tower over them.

"Chris is 6-foot-3 inches tall and really stood out from the crowd. He was smartly dressed and I couldn't help thinking he was good-looking and sexy." The strangers regularly exchanged admiring glances but neither was brave enough to act on them.

"I knew he was called Chris because he wore a name badge on his shirt from his office,"adds Anna. "When I told him that later, he accused me of being a stalker!"

Six months went by and, although we always rode in the same overcrowded first car, almost rubbing shoulders, nothing was said. "Then, of all the days he chose to finally speak with me, I had a very bad migraine," recalls Anna.

"Looking back, I don't know how I actually managed to have a conversation. "He was in the seat next to me and asked if I worked in his building. I told him I didn't, but it was enough to break the ice."

It was a sunny evening last July and Chris walked me to my express bus stop near Ground Zero before asking for my e-mail address. "It was my turn to be brave because I said, ‘What you really mean is that you want my phone number,' "says Anna.

"Two days later he called to arrange a date." They had a meal before flirting over drinks at the atmospheric One If By Land, Two If By Sea restaurant in the West Village.

Their instincts were right because they got along famously and soon became an item. Now they're practically inseparable and travel together on the PATH train, often hand in hand.

"Chris is a great person — intelligent, witty and he totally respects me and my family,"says Anna.

"After all that waiting, I'm just so glad we finally got to talk.  People say that meeting Mr. Right on a train is a cute story and I tend to agree."


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